Persoonlijke Ontwikkeling, Zelfliefde & Spirituele Groei
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Ik ben er vast van overtuigd dat alles wat we nodig hebben om gelukkig te zijn al in ons zit. Dat we ons leven kunnen sturen door middel van onze gedachten. Dat we elkaar kunnen inspireren door onze ervaringen met elkaar te delen, maar vooral door lekker jezelf te zijn...



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Why I wrote A Message From The Heart…

This book I specially wrote for you.

My work as a vitality coach, where I coached more than 1.000 people, but also my own process were the reason that I wrote it. During my work as a coach I noticed that many people seek happiness outside of themselves. They only want to satisfy public opinion. But who came up with this opinion? And more important, is this honest opinion? Is this opinion a conditioned way of thinking?

Many people first create a crisis such as a burnout, a period of overwork or even a period of illness before they arrive at an understanding. For me it was not much different, but I am quite convinced that it does not have to come to that point. This is possible but you just have to be on time to get to the correct understanding and use that as a starting point. I’ve written this book from this vision.

When I was coaching other people I also was struggling in the search for the answers. I already discovered a lot at that moment. But just because I talked to so many people, I saw that I was not the only one who struggled with feelings and certain vital questions.

Around this time I got a serious traffic accident. After several weeks in the hospital and six months in a rehabilitation clinic I had learned so much more.
Luckily I never stop learning and that has to do with my insatiable hunger for information.
During my rehabilitation I got from my physiotherapist several copies of an educational program. There was a particular copy; at least for me it was special. The text which set me thinking was about the Vicious Circle:

“When I do what I always did, and when I think, as I always thought, I feel like I always felt and then what happens to me Is, what always happened to me in the first place”.

As a result, I learned to look at myself and the world around me and therefor I like to share my experience with you.
One thing became clear to me very quickly, many people do not Love themselves and therefore do not believe in themselves and this makes a person very uncertain. That’s exactly the person I was.


Love is indispensable

I am grateful for this process and would very much like to share the insights with you, so that you will be reminded to deeply Love yourself and that it is possible to take over the wheel again and how you can help yourself by loving yourself again.

Because of this simple fact that we need oxygen to breath, food to eat and water to drink, we also need Love and peace with ourselves; these are the things that are really indispensable for us.
This book I have not written as a coach, but written as a contribution to our society and therefore also especially for you.

I refer to scientific and historical facts, but also to biblical texts and statements of Buddha, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Marianne Williamson and Einstein.
Personally I find this a beautiful combination.
Certain parts may seem religious to you but that’s not my goal. It is to show my intention that this ancient wisdom and insights are still usable.

I wish you pleasant reading, understanding and a wonderful and loving life!

Love, Philo.